A poem by Founder Moses Tai to celebrate our first anniversary

It is with great pride that I share with you an important anniversary. It is one year since I registered ADC and began recruiting volunteers in September 2019.

ADC would not be where it is today without our volunteers. Thank you for believing in my vision and for choosing this cause. The generosity and compassion within our team is humbling.

I have written the following poem to mark the occasion and to express my gratitude to every ADC volunteer, past and present.


I Celebrate You

I will forever be grateful

to you all from around the world

who chose to give your time and talents

to a cause you believe in.


It brings me tears of joy

to see what we’ve built together

since we began this long journey

to a better world for all.


A journey to make our world

a better place than we found it,

to bring positive change

to the lives of those we serve.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart

for believing in my vision,

for showing the true generosity

of the human spirit.


I raise a toast to you all,

I wish you happiness and success

in everything that you do –

happy anniversary.



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