Choices mean change.

The choices we make are based on the information we have. With access to better information, we can make more informed choices about the things that affect our lives.



To reduce poverty by empowering communities to make more informed choices in the management of public resources. 

This will enable communities to independently meet their needs for essential services, such as clean water and safe sanitation.


Transparency and

We are clear, honest and open about
everything we do.

Impact and

We are striving for real, lasting and
positive change.

Empowerment and

We share information and build
local capacity.


Founder Moses Tai grew up in a densely-populated estate in Eldoret Town, Kenya. Like so many disadvantaged communities, there were no safe spaces for children to play. So in 2018, Moses founded African Development Choices with a focus on creating safe playgrounds for children. However, we quickly realised that the problem was bigger than just a shortage of facilities. 

We saw that community expectations had been crushed by the historical mismanagement of public resources and lack of access to essential services. And so it became our aim to restore the faith of communities. By first delivering access to essential services through supporter funding, we set better precedents and mobilise communities to enact change for themselves.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only emphasised the importance of this approach to sustainable development.

Today, we are an organisation of over 100 talented and committed volunteers from different parts of the world, all working together to improve the quality of life for those who have been left behind. Below is our Board of Management:

Moses Tai@2x

Moses Tai, Founder

Moses developed his approach to sustainable change through 10 years of writing and research. He worked as a contractor in the technology sector before setting up African Development Choices to fulfil his lifelong goal of addressing the poverty he witnessed all around him as a youth in Kenya.

Moses is a visionary leader driven by his vision of a world in which everyone has access to essential services necessary to fight poverty. 


Kerrie Taylor, Head of Strategy & Operations

Kerrie is a professional and experienced consultant, with over 20 years in project and programme roles. Kerrie has multi-sector experience in retail, financial services, manufacturing and fintech. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science from University of Cape Town as well as Prince 2 ® and MSP ® (Managing Successful Programmes) certifications.

Kerrie has a passion for international development and Africa which has created a perfect opportunity to assist ADC in the development of its strategy, operations and social enterprise initiatives.


Tim Gane, Head of Digital Content

Tim is a User Experience (UX) writer and manager with over 13 years’ experience across a number of industries. Predominantly focused on artificial intelligence, Tim has written dialogue for chatbots, and has spoken at AI conferences on the importance of design and linguistics in virtual assistants. He has a degree in English Literature from King’s College, London.

Tim appeared in a 2010 BBC documentary highlighting how conflict minerals affect rural communities in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo and appeared in the Houses of Parliament to debate the issue. He now holds ADC’s mission of empowering communities across Kenya close to his heart.


Carl Schulze, Head of Digital Architecture

Carl is an experienced Digital Architect with 15 years’ experience in solving organisations’ technical and business challenges across all major business sectors. Carl is enthusiastic about technology and people placing business value and customer experience at the forefront of solutions.

Carl has previously been involved in outreach work in African communities, finding alignment with ADC’s values and mission to empower communities to escape poverty.

Philip Liios

Philip Likos-Corbett, Head of Storytelling

With over 10 years in communications and brand development, Philip has worked predominantly across telecoms, energy and technology. A consultant with a focus on start-up growth, he has been integral to the building of business identities through multi-channel storytelling.

Having worked most recently on a project providing connectivity to rural communities in East Africa, he is an advocate for the potential that access can unlock in underserved areas.

Rakhi Chauhan

Rakhi Chauhan, Head of People & Culture

Rakhi is an experienced HR leader with over 18 years’ experience working in complex, corporate, international environments. She is experienced in building international teams and HR practices from the ground up and in developing and implementing innovative talent strategies to build culture, engagement and scale operations in pace with organisational growth.  

Rakhi feels strongly about playing a personal part in developing sustainable solutions to address issues of a lack of access to basic needs for people in Africa.  As both her parents were born and raised in East Africa she is especially driven to give back to a continent that holds a special place in her heart.  


We want to ensure that your investment in us and our work is visible and available. Take a look at
our financials information to see exactly where your money will go, and what important work it
will fund. As we progress through our pilot project, we will make sure that our figures are exact, down to the very last penny. At ADC, nothing goes to waste.

Design & Construction

  • Environmental surveys & planning permissions
  • Toilet building & materials
  • Borehold (supply, install & reticulation)

Supporting the Community

  • Development of training modules
  • Training
  • Community engagement

Project Support

  • Fundraising
  • Project Management
  • Travel, Accommodation & subs

Strategy & Planning

  • Research & impact analysis
  • Professional fees (Architect, Legal, PR)
  • Project Planning