About Us

Our story

ADC Founder, Moses Tai, grew up on the Huruma Estate in Eldoret, Kenya’s fifth largest town – where he spent his childhood in the 80s. He often wondered, “Why is poverty so rife in my community.” As he became more politically aware, it occurred to him that it was due to the poor choices made in the management of public finances. This realisation is what sparked the idea of ADC. 

Our vision

A world in which everyone has access to the essential services necessary to fight poverty in Africa.

Our mission

To reduce poverty in Africa by empowering local communities and leaders to make more informed choices in the management of public finances so that they can independently meet their needs for essential services.

Our values


Transparency and accountability

We are clear, honest and open about everything we do.


Impact and sustainability

We are striving for real, lasting and systemic change.

Empowerment and perspective

We share new information that builds local capacity.

What we do

Everything we do is aimed at reducing poverty by increasing access to essential services for all – primarily WASH services (water, sanitation and hygiene).


    • We make essential services more accessible through our school and community WASH projects.  
    • We develop resources and strategies to help mobilise communities into taking action.  
    • We work with communities and leaders to enact policy and public funding reform. 

Our work is guided by our innovative Theory of Change. 

Our school and community WASH projects will set better precedents by delivering modern hygiene facilities. These, along with our civic education programs, will raise communities’ expectations and empower them to take a more active and informed role (participate) in improving the management of public finances. Finally, we advocate for more public finances to be allocated to increase access to essential services in other places, which restarts the cycle. 

What makes us different

At ADC, we aim to differentiate ourselves as leaders in: 

  1. Building self-sufficiency in Africa – We empower communities to independently meet their own need for essential services such as clean water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) rather than only offering monetary aid. 
  2. Sustainability of WASH projects in Africa – We specialize in designing and delivering financially, environmentally, socially, technically, and institutionally sustainable WASH projects. 
  3. Systemic social change in Africa – We aim for systemic change by addressing the root cause behind the lack of access to essential services i.e., mismanagement of public finances. 
  4. Civic innovation in Africa – We develop civic technology to enable engagement between citizens and their government by facilitating participation in decision-making. 
  5. Championing access to essential services in Africa - We believe that a lack of access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene is a fundamental cause of poverty. Increasing accessibility will help reduce poverty in Africa.  

Our commitment to a sustainable future

ADC is committed to contributing to sustainable development in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These include goals related to: 

  • Climate change 
  • The environment 
  • Diversity and inclusion 
  • Human rights 

We call our approach to sustainability Making Better Choices. We have embedded this commitment into our organization’s strategy, processes and decision-making.  

For instance, we believe improving Public Finance  Management (PFM) is key to delivering essential services and establishing a sustainable society. We focus on PFM because environmental, social, technical, and institutional sustainability is dependent on financial sustainability. 


    ADC’s Objective for 2023

    Our 2023 objective is to secure funding for our pilot project and deliver the project. 

    We have already raised £1000 through a crowdfunding campaign and used those funds to carry out a hydrogeological survey at Nyansakia II Primary School – the project location – and acquire permits from relevant government agencies. The survey and permits are a mandatory prerequisite for a borehole, which means we are ready to start on-site work, once we secure the required funding. 

    We are now looking to raise funds for the rest of our ‘Pilot Project’ activities, which will allow the project’s delivery. Click here to find out more about our pilot project and activities. 

    So far, operational costs have been, and continue to be, funded by Moses Tai – our Founder. We have managed to keep costs low by relying on our team of non-paid volunteers.