Our Financials

We want to ensure that your investment in us and our work is visible and available. Take a look at our financial information to see exactly where your money will go, and what important work it will fund. As we progress through our pilot project, we will make sure that our figures are exact, down to the very last penny. At ADC, nothing goes to waste.


Design & Construction

  • Environmental surveys & planning permissions
  • Toilet building & materials
  • Borehole (supply, install & reticulation)

Supporting the Community

  • Development of training modules
  • Training
  • Community engagement

Project Support

  • Fundraising
  • Project Management
  • Travel, Accommodation & subs

Strategy & Planning

  • Research & impact analysis
  • Professional fees (Architect, Legal, PR)
  • Project Planning

What we do

Everything we do is aimed at reducing poverty by increasing access to essential services for all – primarily WASH services (water, sanitation and hygiene).


    • We make essential services more accessible through our school and community WASH projects.  
    • We develop resources and strategies to help mobilise communities into taking action.  
    • We work with communities and leaders to enact policy and public funding reform. 

Our work is guided by our innovative Theory of Change.