The Road Ahead: A glimpse into our operational journey

As an organisation with social intent, ADC has sharpened its approach by employing a theory of change.  Recently, the strategic team has focused efforts on transforming this theory into reality by developing primary key performance indicators to ensure that we can measure the on the communities we work with.  This in turn has generated a needs analysis framework, based on research, to keep us true to what the community needs are.  The team is now looking into how to develop our campaigns and engagement strategy.

“As the current Covid19 restrictions have limited our ability to be on the ground in Kenya, the team has created a critical partnership with the local University and hopes to establish a partner-based presence on the ground as soon as possible.”

While the strategic team has been busy with our social impact, our digital teams have been busy crafting our front window, appealing to donors and grant givers to ensure we can generate the necessary funding for our enterprise.  The collaborative teams have designed, developed and delivered a professional and inspiring new website.  Our communications, social media and graphic design teams are helping potential funders and new volunteers to understand our vision and mission and shining a light on our pilot project – bringing essential water and sanitation facilities to Nyansakia II Primary School in Kisii county, Kenya.

New funding opportunity

Funding is always going to be a challenge in the developmental arena, and our grant team have struggled to find a compelling grant option over the months since Covid19 took hold.  Therefore our strategy on funding has extended to crowdfunding, which the digital team has planned and launched.  While this is an exciting new funding opportunity, we are keenly aware that our long-term strategy needs to focus on generating revenue to fund our social enterprise.

“The market research team has identified some opportunities to develop products and services for our target market as a social enterprise and we intend to progress these by the end of 2020.”

Built by volunteers

ADC is entirely fuelled by volunteers.  Since September 2019 we have seen our volunteer base grow from 9 to over 100 volunteers.  We have listened to and learnt a lot from all our contributors and consequently we have placed an increased importance on creating structure, focus and a common culture within the organisation.  Our HR teams have been hard at work recruiting, generating clear policies, training our team leads and building our internal communications to keep us all informed.  Our IT team, although small and only recently established, has helped us with a move to Microsoft Teams© which will continue to drive collaboration and knowledge transfer. Our legal and data privacy teams are helping us to navigate risks and to formalise our processes.

Our strategy around volunteers has been matured to be more deliberate about experience and need, and we have had great results.”

We are also developing our values and driving a culture of commitment and capacity.  This has created much more stability in the organisation, which in turn has helped us to develop our mission with more precision. 

Plans for the Future

Our intention to be on the ground at Nyansakia II Primary School of Kisii County may have been dealt a blow by the continued lockdown measures, but it has given us the opportunity to partner with 2 critical organisations – Kisii University who will assist us with community engagement, data collection and analysis and Arup, a global engineering organisation which provides collective experience to support community projects.  Both will be invaluable experiences that will immensely help ADC and its mission to grow.

The decision to set up ADC will be one that will impact choices for years to come – for our volunteers, for our supporters and of course, most importantly for the communities we serve.

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